Cellina Intensive Whitening Esence Lotion
0% alcohol.  0% chemical fragrance.  0% pigment.
Low acidity.  Mild without irritation.  For sensitive skin.
Specification: 145ml
Product Instruction
Four potent high-density whitening essence X unique microcrystalline structure.
Full attack on dark spots.  Activate comprehensive protection against black spots and promote whitening.
  • Lighten dark spots on skin
  • Brighten skin color
  • Improve dullness
  • Control dark spots
    Four potent high-density whitening essence X patented hyaluronic acid peptide
  • Patented world-class whitening formula, Lumiskin™
  • < >Suppress dark spots, α-Arbutin (mild)
  • Whitening and moisturizing vitamin C Ascorbyl Glucoside
    For uneven dullness and dark spot issues, four potent whitening essence and potented hyaluronic acid peptide are combined to conduct the continuous whitening cycle of "Penetrate.  Inhibit.  Restore.  Attack melanoma".  Whiten skin through the deep penetration of the skin to moisturize effectively and whiten precisely.  Intensive whitening inside and out.
    Unique microcrystalline extraction technology
    Unique microcrystalline technology creates perfect skin penetration.  Slightly thick essence is refreshing and non-sticky, helping penetration and releasing potent moisturizing effects on different layers.
    Mild without additive.  Applicable to sensitive skin.
    % alcohol.  0% chemical fragrance.  0% pigment.  Low acidity matching healthy skin.  Mild,  without irritation.  For sensitive skin.