Professional Skincare Products for Men
Since 2003
Men require deeper cleansing and moisturizing!
“Carbon” contains periodic carbon which is known for its power to absorb oil,
dirt and to retain moisture, leading to excellent deep cleansing.
Carbon is one of the known periodic elements with high absorbability. 
It is made up of unique multiple porous micro-cell surface structure,
which, in accordance with physics laws for absorbability, is excellent
for cleansing.
Carbon  incorporates periodic carbon with multiple porous micro-cell
surfacestructure measuring 2-3 ìm in diameter. Porous micro-cell surface
structure is effective in absorbing excessive facial oil and dirt, leading to
excellent deep cleansing.
Carbon is the only men's skincare brand dedicated to deep cleansing on
the market.“Carbon” understands men's skincare needs and has developed
facial wash and body wash for men who experience skin irritation.