Cellina Limpidity UV Protection- Whitening SPF50+★★★★
▲Super Refreshing TextureFor Non-greasy, Non-sticky Skin
▲High-efficiency UVA/UVB Protection
For Tanning and Sunburn Protection
▲UV Protection + Whitening
For Fine and Glowing Skin
▲No Alcohol, No Artificial Coloring
For Refreshing Feeling
Specification: 45g
Product Instruction
◆Super Refreshing Texture + High-Efficiency UV Protection + Whitening Ingredients
◆Super Refreshing Texture.For Non-greasy, Non-sticky and Non-pale look
The new generation Super Refreshing lotion releases large quantities of water molecules by applying lightly. This lotion is smooth like silk and can be absorbed easily, keeping the skin feeling refreshing and comfortable the whole day. The skin will not be greasy, sticky or bleached.
◆High-efficiency UVA/UVB Protection.For Tanning and Sunburn Protection
With three especially selected sunscreen ingredients added to completely protect the skin, this lotion is not easily degraded by UV rays. This lotion effectively resists UVA and UVB to prevent the skin from getting tanned and sunburnt, thus preventing skin damage by the sun. This lotion reduces elastin oxidation and collagen loss to effectively resist melanin generation.
High UV Protection Factor (SPF50+) highly efficiently blocks the damage UVB causes on the skin, preventing the skin from getting red and sunburnt. This lotion has achieved four stars (★★★★) in the Boots Star Rating System, showing great UVA protection effect to prevent the skin from getting tanned
◆UV Protection + Whitening.For Fine and Glowing Skin
 With added arbutin, this lotion protects and whitens brown spots and improves skin dullness caused by sun exposure, keeping the skin white and glowing.
 Licorice root is effective in whitening and moisturizing the skin, making the skin smooth and delicate while improving the skin’s ability to protect against the environment.
 Chamomile extract conditions and smoothes the skin, improving the dehydrated and dry skin caused by sun exposure while making the skin healthy and glowing.
 With Hyaluronic Acid moisturizing essence, this lotion keeps the water moisture in the skin, making the skin healthy and glowing.
◆Mild Ingredients.For a Refreshing Feeling
 Without alcohol and artificial coloring, the skin will feel refreshed after applying this lotion.
 Suitable for both face and body
◆Purpose:UV Protection, Skin Moisturizing
◆Direction:Twenty minutes before going out in the sun, apply an appropriate amount to the face and body, avoiding the eye area. Re-apply if necessary for extra UV protection.