Hydro-Deep Cleansing Foam –Blackhead
Enriched with mud from Alaskan glaciers and cedar extracts.
This lotion reduces and prevents the formation of blackheads.
Specification: 100g
Product Instruction
Carefully selected Alaskan glacial mud, blended with the effective antibacterial ingredient isopropyl methylphenol (IPMP) and cedar extracts and plant enzymes, this lotion deeply cleanses pores and removes impurities and grease. It helps to reduce and prevent blackheads by making and keeping the pores clean and open!
1. With clean and natural Alaskan glacial mud, rich in mineral content, which helps clean dirty skin.
2. Unique formula to clean blackheads, helps to reduce and prevent the formation of blackheads.
3. Two types of micro-pearls deeply massage the skin and wash away dead skin cells.
4. The hyaluronic acid moisturizing ingredient ensures skin moisture is not lost.