Baby Ultra-mild Laundry Liquid
Neutral, phosphorus-free, fluorescent agent-free (exclusively for delicate skin)
Product Instruction
Neutral, phosphorus-free, fluorescent agent-free (exclusively for delicate skin)
There is a very wide degree of difference between the dirtiness of infants' and that of adults' clothing. The clothing of the two must not be washed together (especially socks). Also, infants have weak immunity and cannot withstand bacteria. So the clothing of infants should be washed separately and must be thoroughly rinsed and dried in the sun.
◎ Bactericidal and fungicidal
Contains antibiotics and antifungal agent, protects clothing from mold and harmful bacteria
◎ Breaks up stains efficiently
Contains efficient stain dissolving molecules, which reach thoroughly and deeply into clothing fibers, and fully surrounds and dissolve the grease and stain molecules.
◎ Prevents reverse soiling
The dirt and stains washed out of the clothes do not reattach to the cleaned clothes
◎ Soft and fragrant
After washing, clothing fibers become soft and clean, and are left with a cozy and fragrant scent. The delicate soft touch of the clothing provides babies' skin with gentle care. Meets the National Standards CNS2477 in the fourth category as neutral.
Use concentration: 7% or more
Scope: acetate fibers, synthetic fibers, wicking tee shirts and other kinds of clothing
PH value: 7 ± 1