Limpidity UV Protection Spray SPF50+★★★★
Anti-UV, light and transparent
Sunscreen in an instant; Refreshing and non-sticky
Cooling & refreshing × efficient sunscreen × complex moisturizing ingredients
No alcohol, no artificial colors, no mineral oil, made in Taiwan
For face and body; Being outdoors and outdoor recreation
Specification: 50g
Product Instruction
▲Cooling & refreshing  Easy activation of burdenless defensive effects
Refreshing and cooling agent added, anti-UV, light and transparent, fresh, non-sticky, no white cast
Spritz lightly for a quick activation of sun screening defensive mechanism. Easy sun protection for the back of the neck, the back and the insteps.
▲Effectively prevent ultraviolet light from reaching the skin.  Protects skin, preventing darkening and sunburn
4 choice sun-screening agents added; multi-layers of protection; less susceptible to UV degradation;
Long-lasting defense against UVA and UVB, preventing skin darkening and sunburn.
The high sun protection factor allows for effectively UV and UVB coverage to prevent damage to the skin,
skin going red in sun, and sunburn. Rated four stars in the UK Boots Star Rating System
Sunscreen standard, highly effective in fending off ultraviolet UVA, preventing the skin from tanning.
▲Complex moisturizing ingredients maintaining an elastic skin tone
Containing sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed collagen and vitamin E acetate; soothes dried and photo-ageing skin after sun exposure; leaves skin supple.
▲No alcohol, no artificial colors, no mineral oil, zero burden for skin
No alcohol, no artificial colors, no mineral oil; without putting an unnecessary burden on the skin; safe to be worn on both face and body.