Nature Spa Conditioner – Nourish
▲For all hair types
▲Vitamin B5 EU natural shea butter hydrolyzed keratin
▲Royal jelly extract + shea butter
▲Repairs damages; Smoothes frizz
Specification: 550g
Product Instruction
[royal jelly extract x shea butter]
Targeting dry and damaged hair, it is designed to fix dryness and frizz by deep nourishing repair
[Mild repairing formula] "Hydrolyzed keratin," an ingredient making hair healthy effectively repairs damaged strands,
sealing hair cuticles for smoother and sleeker looking hair, restoring softness and healthiness!
[Rich moisturizing ingredients] contains nourishing ingredients including highly moisturizing spring water from Brittany, France and vitamin B5,
providing long-lasting moisture, leaving hair moisturized and glossy!
 [Double effect nourishing serum] Highly penetrating and moisturizing "royal jelly extract" +
"golden nourishing ingredient EU ECOCERT certified shea butter" form a protective film on the surface of the hair
Deeply repairs the damaged parts and nourishes and replenishes frizzy hair tail, leaving hair soft and elastic for a bright lustrous look!