Nourishing Lip Balm
Luxurious nourishment developed from the classic moisturizing cream
Instant improvement to dry and chapped lips.
Minimizes wrinkles to give you plump, hydrated lips.
Specification: 7g
Product Instruction
Lanolin x Deep Nourishment
Concentrated pure lanolin is an oil that is mild on the skin. It is moisturizing yet not greasy. It forms an oil seal over the lip surface to protect, replenish, prevent dryness, and stop aging of the lips.
European certified organic shea butter
Blended with ECOCERT organic shea butter extract. This gentle continuous hydrating formula delivers intense nourishment, restores the skin, and effectively repairs and reduces dry and cracked lips to reveal healthy radiant appearance.
UP Aloe vera oil x hydration
Mild aloe vera oil supplies fast and generous moisture and nourishing oil to the skin, thereby enhancing hydration and softens the skin. It is also effective for repairing pealing, cracking, and dry skin caused by windy and cold weather. Continuous use helps increase skin moisture and boost elasticity, giving you soft and delicate lips.
Concentrated hyaluronic acid x Plump lips
Concentrated hyaluronic acid is the star hydrating ingredient. Is it extremely replenishing, and its hydrolyzed molecules are more absorbable by the skin, thereby promotes skin water level. Hyaluronic acid has powerful water absorbency like a sponge. It tightly locks moisture in the lips, making them look plump and dewy. It also minimizes lip wrinkles, moisturizes the skin, leaving them nourished and supple.
Bisabolol x Repair
Special treatment targeting pealing or cracked lips. It penetrates deeply to repair fragile skin, soothe and restore dryness and peeling without causing irritation.
Long-acting replenishment to revive cracked and pealing skin instantly, recovering soft and delicate lips.