CHARM BABY Baby Hair Wash

Protect baby’s delicate scalp, care for fine hair
Specification: 400ml
Product Instruction
To parents
Babies’ fine hair is as smooth as silk. Babies’ hair releases a pleasant scent. You know your baby loves this pleasantness as much as you do.
Ingredients: Probiotics, Oat Protein, Allantoin, Grape Seed Extract
• Natural amino acid composition especially formulated for your baby’s delicate scalp
• Low acidity low acidity at pH 5.5, which is a mild cleansing formulation and harmless to the hydrolipidic film.
• Mild tearless formulation, which is gentle to eyes
• Fine bubbles are easy to rinse and do not leave residue, which make hair washing more enjoyable for your baby.
• Natural plant formulation protects baby’s delicate scalp and fine hair
• Formulated with multiple allantoin, oat protein and grape seed extract which contain Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins

Kind reminder
Thoroughly massage baby’s scalp to remove grime and excessive oil. Shampoo daily to prevent grime accumulation.

• Safe
• Paraben-free
• SLS/SLES-free
• No harsh forming agent
• Alcohol-free
• Dye-free

SGS-certified Skin stimulating test

Directions for use: Moisten the baby’s hair. Apply an appropriate amount of the shampoo to the hands to form bubbles before gently massaging the bubbles into the baby’s hair. Rinse the scalp with water to clean.