CHARM BABY Baby Lotion

Long-lasting Nourishment for Baby’s skinabsorbs rapidly without sticky residue
Specification: 200ml
Product Instruction
It is lotion time! Apply CHARM BABY Lotion over baby’s skin and gently massage baby’s hands and arms, little tummy and back. Repeat a couple of minutes every day,taking care of your baby as well as establishing and strengthening your bond with your baby
Ingredients: Probiotics Extract, Oat Protein, Moist24 ™, Shea Oil, Oleic Acid Monoglyceride

• Special baby formula with gentle pH5.5
• Compound with various natural plant nutritious oil extracts, which form a protective layer on babies’ skin
• Natural Shea Oil nourishes and moisturizes dry skin
• Formulated with Moist24™, the plant extract of Imperata Cylindrica, which provides long lasting moisturization
• Oat Protein contains a large amount of amino acid which provides hydro-lock effect and nourishes the skin.
• Refreshing aroma,suitable for the whole body. Absorbs rapidly without sticky residue.

Kind Reminder:

 Apply All-Purpose Nutritious Lotion to body from head to toe after bath daily,softens and refreshes skin without sticky residue.

• Paraben-free
• Mineral Oil-free
• Alcohol-free
• Dye-free
Passed SGS skin sensitivity test

Directions for use: Apply a small amount of lotion and gently massage the whole body until fully absorbed.