CHARM BABY Baby Elegant Gift

Specification: 5入/組
Product Instruction
This gift set includes: 1 X CHARM BABY Mild Baby Bubble Bath 200ml + 1 X CHARM BABY Mild Baby Shampoo + 1 X CHARM BABY All-Purpose
Moisturizing Lotion 200ml + 1 X CHARM BABY Soothing Ointment 50g + 1 X CHARM BABY Nutritious Essence Cream 50g
 3 in 1 Mild Baby Bubble Bath,
Mild Baby Shampoo,
Soothing Ointment for every diaper change to treat and prevent red patches,
All-Purpose Moisturizing Lotion for after bath
Highly effective Nutritious Essence Cream for preventing dry and shedding skin.
Newborns require extra care,especially when their delicate and fragile skin is prone to many potential skin issues. Therefore, providing CHARM BABY, which contains Probiotics and Oat Protein, is the best gift for babies!

Kind Reminder:
Giving CHARM BABY to friends who have given birth to babies,conveys your sincere blessing as well as your thoughtfulness.
• Directions for use:

1. Mild Bubble Bath and Wash – Pour Mild Bubble Bath and Wash into filled bathtub to make a bubble bath. Dry babies with a bath towel after bath, no rinsing is required. <Shower, shampoo> Apply a small amount of Charm Baby Mild Bubble Bath and Wash into your hands and rub hands to bubble. Gently message bubbles over body or hair, rinse with water to clean.
2. Mild Shampoo – wet the baby’s hair with warm water, apply a small amount of shampoo into your hands and rub hands together to bubble. Gently message bubbles over baby’s scalp and hair, rinse to clean.
3. CHARM BABY Moisture Lotion – Apply over baby’s body to moisturize dry skin.
4. CHARM BABY Soothing Ointment – After cleansing or changing diapers,apply a small amount on the skin and soothing ointment over the buttocks.
5. CHARM BABY Nourish Essence Cream – Apply to dry facial or body skin.