PLUMP LIP STICK - Cherry Blossom

新升級- 豐潤度UP、顯色度UP
◎ 海洋膠原蛋白
◎ 三胜肽
◎ Q10
豐唇+潤色+保濕 一次滿足
Specification: 2g
Product Instruction
Natural Plump Lip
The three lip plumping factors, marine collagen, tripeptide and Q10, smooths lip wrinkles and enhances the lip’s plumping effect to give the lips a jelly-like glow.
Natural Repair
Natural bee’s wax, shea butter and Vitamin E give the lips double nourishing and repair results to prevent drying and chapping while restoring the lips.
Balanced Moisturizing Treatment
With the new ingredients, long-lasting moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid and plant lanolin, and the outstanding Balance Super Refreshing formula, this lip balm locks in water moisturizes the lips intensively to restore dry and chapped lips to pink and juicy lips.
Elegant Cherry Blossom Fragrance and Light Pink Color
The soft cherry blossom fragrance adds elegance and charm to the lip balm and the light pink color gives the lips a healthy glow while lightening dark and dull lips to juicy and pink lips.