Faith and Persistence

Faith and Persistence
Caring, warm, considerate
Shen Hsiang Tang was established in 1940 to care for the needs of society, in hopes that everyone could enjoy their simple facial cleansing products. This would help those who lack supplies to improve their hygiene. From 1940 until today, Shen Hsiang Tang has only strived to do its best through endless efforts. We believe that as long as we devote passion into our products, consumers will feel and be moved by our dedication.

Our Seventy-year Belief, “Protect Future Generations
The Linsen brand line of products is manufactured in Taiwan. It includes hair creams, essence oils and facial creams; this series was the pioneer of hygiene and cleaning in early Taiwan. The products have accompanied us through the era; and in this contemporary society, a series of hair and facial care products has been released at a reasonable price. After WWII, the products registered for a trademark to officially become Taiwan’s No.1 trademark.
Shen Hsiang Tang’s production and marketing of goods is continuously developing, with consumers expectations in mind; we aim to keep a genuine attitude, good quality and professionalism as the main concepts of our brand. In 1950, PIAS was introduced to collaborate with Japan to develop a toner, face cream and makeup remover cream. These products are promoted by a cosmetics spokesperson.
After forming the first Taiwanese cosmetics brand, VIP, Cherry and Chiffon/Cellina were developed and released in 1960. Care products for men had also become a trend;Cherry soap was released and known for its tri-colored characteristic and the Chiffon and Cellina care products became an essential for Taiwanese households.
As time evolves, the Hydro-Balance series was released in the 1990s.The series includes body & facial wash “Hydro-Net” and products for man “Carbon”, which were released for younger adults. Baby care products for weak and sensitive skin called “Charm Baby” was also released to naturally, gently and purely protect and care for babies’ delicate skin. We insist on giving you peace of mind and we remain as the guardian at your side.