Quality and Trust

Quality and Trust.

Shen Hsiang Tang strives to care for social and market trends in order to combine the newest information in the chase for beauty. With this mission, Shen Hsiang Tang develops all types of products with new technology & high quality and provides consumers a wide range of innovative choices that fulfill potential anticipation.
The 5 Key of Research and Development
  • Nature: Follow the rules of nature as a base formula to return back to nature.
  • Technology: Combine science and biotechnology to further analyze and examine.
  • Talent: A professional team with a background in beauty and cosmetics.
  • Resources: A variety of precise instruments and the newest information.
New Information
  • New Information: Renew industry, academic and social updates to walk on the frontlines of the market.
Trust and Safety
Quality is our promise to you; this trust comes from safety, efficacy, stability, International quality certification and affirmation

Every single product goes through 4 stages of procedures from raw materials, consumables, manufactured goods to the quality check of products. At every step, quality staff members analyze and examine based on their senses and equipment. Detailed recording is done of every products packaging material to ensure the quality of the product. The suppliers of every material can be traced and all products are manufactured under tight procedure control.
  • Placed 3re in the Top 10 company award, the first soap industry company excellence award
  •  Excellent vendor of the National Federation of Industries
  • 2008 International Quality Assurance Certification
  • Top Brands in Taiwan
  • Passed Cosmetics GMP Validation