Corporate Philosophy

Cellina World; Standing Out Among the Rest
Our philosophy is only doing the best. Cellina aims to beautify our lives and to strive for new elements in continuing innovation. We are constantly discovering new knowledge and technology, combining it with modern management, to provide consumers with the most intimate and perfect line of products.
In 1940, Cellina established its first cosmetics manufacturing factory in Taiwan to build the foundation of Taiwan’s cosmetics industry. Over the past 70 years, our company has focused on its consumers. As a local industry, Cellina has deepened its roots here to understand the needs of local consumers
Familiar Products, Reasonable Prices, Excellent Quality and Service
Cellina products are well known in the society, from Linsen hair products, Cherry Soaps, VIP hair products, Chiffon creams to Hydro cleansing foams. Following the times, the Hydro-Balance series was released in the 1990s, Hydro-Net and Carbon were released for skin care of  younger adults and the baby care products for weak and sensitive skin called “Charm Baby” were also released to naturally, gently and purely protect and care for babies naturally delicate skin. In every Taiwanese cosmetic industry development stage, our products are loved by the consumers and are deeply integrated into the consumers' lives. This is due to our persistence in fulfilling our promise to the consumers— familiar products, reasonable prices, excellent quality and service.
 In the future, the company plans to continue to uphold our business philosophy  "Cellina World; Standing Out Among the Rest" and continue their efforts to listen to the voices and requests of our consumers to create a wide range of innovative high-quality cosmetics, and create a more perfect life with utmost force and contribution