Advanced Hydration Moisture

Since 1997
Hydro-Balance develops facial, body cleansers, and nourishing products
based on the concept of moisture. Moreover, with our unique moisture
concept – hydration moisture, we introduce a whole new solution for
discomfort of taut skin after facial cleansing. All the products are developed
by the principle of interaction between water molecules and skin, which fulfills
all kinds of skin in any kind of environment with shinning glamour from the inside out.

Pioneer of Moisture Specialist

Hydro-Balance facial cleansing gel made its debut in 1998. With the concept of
“cleansing the face with moisture, without drainage”, as well as topic of
“the time of losing face has passed”, aiming at “moisture inside, beautiful
outside”. Its launch in the facial cleansing market, established outstanding
sales performance and the successful marketing strategy of Hydro-Balance,
got lots of attention on the market. Not only did it win the Brand Naming
Prize of Breakthrough Magazine and Packaging Design Prize, but also the
Times Advertising Award and World Chinese Advertising Bronze Statue. 
Furthermore, with our unique hydration moisture concept, we developed a
shower gel for delicate senses; elemental carbon facial cleansing and shower
gel,aiming at “absorbing oil, absorbing dinginess, and then locking in water
molecules ”; active enzymes facial cleansing powder, aiming at scrubbing the
skin smooth gently; hydro-net  product, aiming at nourishing, hydrating and
moisturizing. Every product received lots of attention in the market and was
popular among customers. In the future, Hydro-Balance will continually take
pride as a moisture specialist, promoting more adequate moisturizers for the
sea-island climate of Taiwan and eastern women's skin in order to meet all customer’s need.