CHARM BABY Baby Bubble Bath

Maintains Hydrolipidic Film balance and provides mild cleansing
Specification: 400ml
Product Instruction
To Parents
Do you know that babies long for bubble baths? Parents’ hearts melt and forget a day’s hard work when they see babies enjoying a bubble bath. Let’s have a relaxing bath.
Ingredients: Probiotics, Oat Protein, Allantoin, Grape Seed Extract
• Mild tearless formulation
Natural mild ingredients are gentle to eyes so babies do not tear up or cry, making bath time more enjoyable.
• Low Acidity pH5.5
A low acidity protective film and mild cleansing formulation are gentle for body cleansing.
• Natural amino acid formulation for skin cleansing
Delicate and gentle cleansing is the key to protecting babies’ delicate skin.
• Skin Protection Essence
Contains a large amount of amino acid, oat protein, which locks in moisture and provides nutrients to the skin; contains an abundance of Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins, grape seed extract, which nourishes the skin; allantoin, gentle nourishment, moisturizes and maintains healthy skin
• Three in one, complete in one bottle
Gently massage three to four times, add water to bubble, complete baby’s hair wash, bath, bubble bath all at once.
• Rinsing-free formulation
Simple to use as rinsing is not essential after bubble bath. Dry baby’s body using a large towel to prevent the baby from catching a cold in cold weather.
Kind Reminder
The water temperature for bathing should not be too high. The best water temperature for bathing is between 36 and 38 degrees.
• Soap-free
• Paraben-free
• SLS/SLES-free
• No Harsh Foaming Agent
• Alcohol-free
• No artificial coloring

SGS-certified Skin stimulating test
• Directions for use:
<For Bubble Bath> Dilute with water in bath until bubbles appear. Rinsing is not required after bathing. Dry the body with a towel.
<For Bath & Hair Wash> Pour CHARM BABY Mild Baby Bubble Bath in hands and rub to form bubbles. Gently massage and cleanse body or hair and rinse-off with warm water.