Perfume Body Wash-Fresh Grass
world-class perfumer formula from the Switzerland
Charming aroma released by you

[Complex multi-layer long-lasting fragrance] +
 [triple nourishing mechanisms]
Specification: 900g
Product Instruction
[Complex multi-layer long-lasting fragrance] + [triple skin toning mechanisms]
▲First, "mild cleansing": Choice natural APG plant-based cleansing formula, mildly cleanse skin without dehydrating
▲Second, "pamper and nourish": added with organic aloe essence to strengthen moisturizing and softening, enhancing skin hydration leaving skin supple and elastic, effectively pampers the skin and allows it to be healthy
▲Third, "soft and fragrant": added with organic argan oil, which contains omega 3 and 9, skin is left supple and radiant, and silky to touch; the unique fragrance covering technique allows for long-lasting emitting of charming fragrance

Have a refreshing wash and give off newborn breath
Have a stroll in the grassland after the rain. The slightly damp grass and soil gives off a newborn breath.
Have a refreshing wash and experience the moment when you and the nature are one.